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Flow plates

Flow plates — We have many years of experience in producing flow plates for both PEM and DMFC fuel cells.

We offer excellent electrical and thermal conductivity at competitive prices using state-of-the-art flow plate design, combined with carefully selected raw material compounds and mass production. During recent years, we have produced hundreds of thousands of flow plates.

Solutions for customers with high quality demands

  • Bipolar plates based on graphite composites
  • Milled pre-production for design verification
  • In-house tool design
  • Adaption of material grade to cus tomers needs
  • Mold in shape volume manufacturing
  • Solutions for LT-PEM, DMFC & redox flow batteries

Tested, approved & supplied to various segments

  • Portable (DMFC > 300,000 plates)
  • Stationary (Telecom, CHP)
  • Special space/marine with H2/O2
  • Transport fuel cell systems (range extenders, UAV, buses)

Flow plates — Products & services we offer

Manufacturing of flow plates based on your own proprietary designs

Sizes and designs according to customer drawings

Low cost press moldings for high volume serial production

CNC machining for small series or prototype plates

Blank composite plates for your own processing tooling


MEA —The membrane electrode assembly is the core component of a fuel cell.

Thanks to our knowledge and continuous development, we can now offer 3-, 5-, and 7-layer MEAs with increased power density and durability and reduced catalyst loading. Our MEAs are based on advanced catalyst and coat ing technology, and provide your fuel cell stacks with improved overall performance and lifetime.

The IRD Fuel Cells production plant is both suitable for customised prototype manufacturing for customers who require pre-commercial volumes, as well as for reliable supply of components within a large scale manufacturing framework.

Solutions for customers with high quality demands

  • Tailored to highest industry standards
  • IRD PEM MEA designed and optimized for customers lifetime need
  • One test MEAs made with same process as high volume series

Tested, approved & supplied to various segments

  • Electrolyzers
  • Stationary PEM (~20,000 hours in in-house test)
  • Back up - telecom
  • FC’s using H2/O2 (space, marine) – proven >10,000 h in test
  • UAV’s – tested higher than benchmark
  • Forklifts
  • Energy storage
  • Fuel Cell Vehicles (customer tested at benchmark)
  • Range extender – bus applications,heavy duty vehicles

MEA — Products & services we offer

Customised MEAs produced with respect to your design and with a flexible catalyst, membrane and GDL selection optimised for your application

Comprehensive technical support to ensure that you achieve the best possible result

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