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IRD Fuel Cells

At IRD Fuel Cells, we are devoted to production of fuel cell components. Developing top-quality fuel cells requires many years of experience and knowledge, as well as the expertise of a variety of specialists.​

What we do

IRD fuel cells produce “State– of– the-art” 3–7 layer MEA and mold “In–shape” BPP

BPP — Flow plates

We offer excellent electrical and thermal conductivity at competitive prices using state-of the-art flow plate design, combined with carefully selected raw material compounds and mass production.

MEA — membrane electrode assembly

Thanks to our knowledge and continuous development, we can now offer 3-, 5-, and 7-layer MEAs with increased power density and durability as well as reduced catalyst loading.

Core solutions

IRD Fuel Cells sells, manufactures components while focusing on customer specific solutions.


Cars, buses, material handling

Backup power

Generators and compact charging devices


Homes and commercial buildings


Hydrogen generation and energy storage

We believe in the creation of a sustainable world — performed positively through technology innovation